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Continuing education workshops are a popular and effective way of increasing professional and personal knowledge. Program instructors vary in their ability to make information come alive, and translate easily into clinical practice.

Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D., has been a leading workshop designer and presenter for over 50 years. Her programs  emphasize both the philosophical and practical aspects of developing both efficient and effective treatment programs. Respect for each learner is expressed through a variety of teaching styles and modalities. Her commitment to daily learning from children and their families brings a sensitive and evolving focus to her teaching.

NEW VISIONS PROGRAMS focus on individual and small-group learning opportunities that build understanding and skills the areas of mealtimes, feeding, oral-motor treatment, movement, and accelerated learning. Workshops are taught in a beautiful area of the Blue Ridge Mountains southwest of Charlottesville, Virginia. 

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A  2.5-day workshop is being developed for 2021.  Details have not been finalized.  We will announce this learning experiences in our New Visions Newsletter as we have the full information.” Learn more . . .

VIDEO PROGRAMS provide the learner with video lectures, interviews and short visual studies on specific topics.  It provides an integrated overview and introduction for therapists and parents to topics in the area of Pediatric Feeding Disorders.  Learning takes place through all of our sensory areas.  Most learners have a preferred way of taking in and integrating new information or viewing familiar information in a new way. This section emphasizes an integration of visual and auditory learning through short video presentations

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