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New Visions workshops, for parents and professionals, are based upon the knowledge that learning occurs easily and fully when principles of accelerated learning are incorporated into the program. Optimal learning is a major goal and focus for each workshop. Specific programs may incorporate the use of music, Hemi-Sync, guided imagery, movement activities, and extensive audiovisual materials. A comprehensive workshop manual is provided for each participant.


Workshops are taught by Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D., a speech-language pathologist who is nationally and internationally known for her work in identifying and treating children with feeding and pre-speech disorders. She is assisted by a "Parent Partner" who provides clear parent experiences and perspectives throughout the course.

Service providers are faced with the challenges of managed care and greater accountability to third party payers. Therapists, educators, and medical professionals working with children must identify the client's key issues rapidly, and organize and implement treatment strategies that enable the fastest change possible.


These professionals require continuing education workshops that meet their learning needs. Most programs fail to do this.They focus on facts and techniques -- offering ideas, but not the strategies for working and creating with these ideas. Many of these workshops do not honor the unique learning styles of participants.

Parents rarely have the opportunity to attend a small group workshop that focuses specifically on their individual needs and interests in helping their child learn feeding and mealtime skills. Most workshops provide therapy ideas that are more suitable to the therapy setting than to the home.

New Visions workshops are different! They incorporate the most recent approaches and technology for accelerating your learning -- and that of your clients. They emphasize strategies for accessing and organizing information so that logical and intuitive approaches are seamlessly blended. New Visions workshops are smaller (up to 10 participants), enabling extensive group interaction and personal dialogue with Suzanne Morris.

Course content is presented in a multimedia, experiential format. Use of audiovisual materials, small group discussion, problem-solving sessions,and accelerated learning technology assist each participant in enhancing skills used in assessing and treating children with oral-feeding problems.

A physical environment supportive of relaxed optimal learning has been selected. Workshops are held at the New Visions House, located in a lovely rural setting -- the serene atmosphere of the Blue Ridge Mountain foothills 30 miles southwest of Charlottesville, Virginia. Opportunities for swimming, boating, and hiking are available during breaks.

The New Visions workshops can help you make the changes that will lead toward more accurate diagnosis and more efficient therapy and home programs.   Learn more…

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