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Apraxia-Kids is the place to go to learn about all aspects of developmental dyspraxia. Frequently Asked Questions from Parents, Speech and Language Topics, and a helpful Related Links section give a broad perspective for parents and professionals. The site is packed with relevant articles and insights. Apraxia-Kids hosts the Apraxia-Kids Listserv.

Sensory Processing Disorder Network 
This web site is packed full of informational links on Sensory Integration. Each of the web sites linked to from the SPD Network web site has been carefully reviewed. Original articles and reviews of research related to sensory integration are also found here. This is definitely a site that will expand your understanding of children with sensory processing issues.

Sensory Integration International: Frequently Asked Questions 
Children with sensory processing and integration difficulties frequently experience learning, feeding, and oral-motor problems. This list of FAQs from Sensory Integration International will answer many of your questions about sensory integration.

Sensory Modulation: A Review of the Literature
The disruption in the ability to regulate or modulate sensory input is described in this paper through a review of the occupational therapy literature. The lack of consensus in definition and conceptualization among theorists and therapists is presented. The authors present a new concept that integrates the ideas of sensory reactivity and sensory arousal.

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