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Clinician's View
Clinician's View is a major developer and producer of continuing education videotapes for therapists and educators. Their catalog provides a full description of videos in infant development, movement, oral-motor, feeding, and respiration. In addition, they rent 5 hour videotaped seminars of popular rehabilitation topics.

Erhardt Developmental Products
Erhardt Developmental Products provides instructional videotapes and other materials for individuals who work with children who have developmental and multiple disabilities. Videotapes by Rhoda P. Erhardt, MS, OTR cover the areas of hand function, visual function, feeding, eye-hand coordination and visual-perceptual-motor problems. They describe normal and atypical development, assessment procedures, and intervention programs. Each includes inservice suggestions and discussion guides to be duplicated for viewers.

Children's Medical Ventures
Children's Medical Ventures was formed by 36 of the nation's premier children's hospitals to help improve the health and well-being of premature infants and newborns. They have developed a line of products specifically for preemies, including pacifiers and simple positioning equipment. In addition to product information, the web site includes an information library, dictionary of medical terms, and clinical and parent bulletin boards.

Mannatech is a well-established network marketing company that researches and develops high quality glyconutritional and phytonutritional products which are sold by local distributors. These food supplement products support the immune system and overall development of health and wellness.

Fruit-Eze is a delicious fruit paste, blended from a special mixture of prunes, dates and raisins. It provides a highly concentrated and easily assimilated source of soluble and non-soluble fiber that can be used as an effective substitute for bulk laxatives. The website provides detailed instructions for use by children, adults and long-term care facilities. Suggestions are also given for mixing the product with formulas for tube feeding. Research data on the effectiveness of Fruit-Eze is provided.

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