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New Visions was established in 1985 by Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D. Its programs are located in the Blue Ridge foothills of Nelson County, Virginia.


Its Vision is to assist others:

  • to incorporate into all interactions the expanded possibilities for learning, healing, developing new abilities, and communicating that are inherent in each individual.

  • to develop a clearer understanding of movement, feeding, pre-speech, and communication skill development.

  • to identify sensorimotor, gastrointestinal and learning problems that interfere with a child's ability to move, eat, and communicate.

  • to view the challenges of pediatric dysphagia and dysarthria within a holistic perspective that builds on the child's abilities and individual learning styles.

  • to implement a gentle, respectful problem-solving approach to therapy for these difficulties.

The Vision is implemented in closely interrelated areas that are featured in these sections of our web site. Click the colored buttons in the navigation system which appear on each page to go to areas that interest you. This is your place to discover, and learn. It is an interactive place to share ideas and insights that will make the journey of children and their families an easier and more joyful one. Tell us what you like and what else you would like to see here. Write or call if you have questions.

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