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Important Information

•  We are sensitive to the needs of children and adults with known or suspected allergy to products containing latex. If a product is made of latex, it will be identified in the product description in this catalog.  All other products are latex-free.   Most soft plastic toys and dishes are non-toxic and do not contain PVC or phthalates.

Products you receive may differ slightly in color or design patterns from the drawing in the catalog.  Our manufacturers often change the surface look of a product.  The basic shape and function of the item, however, will be similar to its picture.

•  All Oral Feeding Equipment (i.e. bottles, nipples, spoons, cups, straws, dishes) can be washed safely on the top shelf of a dishwasher.

Think Safety

Most of the mouth toys and feeding equipment in the Mealtimes Online Store are designed for infants and very young children with developing oral-motor and feeding needs.  They are not designed for older children with teeth and persistent needs for the strong oral input provided by intense biting and chewing.    This does not, however, mean that they cannot be used with older children under adult supervision. When you purchase and use our products please check each one before you give it to your child.  If the product is worn or damaged in any way, please replace it.  Please help us prevent accidental choking from pieces of toys and feeding utensils that have come apart in your child’s mouth.

Mouth tools such as the NUK Massage Brush and Z-Vibe oral-motor tools should never be used to stimulate chewing skills.  These are not designed for chewing and could be dangerous when used for this purpose.