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The New Visions Mealtimes Catalog and Online Store

Our customers think about the Mealtimes catalog and online store as a valued resource that supports their work and play with children who have feeding issues.   For the past 17 years we have reflected a holistic view of children’s mealtimes and have provided the products to support that view. New Visions is a small company with a strong personal commitment to our customers.

Successful participation at meals depends upon areas as diverse as a good night’s sleep, focused attention, physical positioning, a comfortable sensory environment, and interactive communication. Oral sensorimotor control and competent use of movement for oral exploration, sucking, swallowing, biting, and chewing increases the ease of eating, and contributes to the success of a mealtime.

We choose and field-test the therapy materials and resources that we sell very carefully.  Many items are used in unique ways in order to develop learning progressions that are easier for children.  We have described these products in ways that make it easy to select and use them appropriately with children who have feeding, mealtime and oral-motor challenges.

Visit the Feed Your Mind section of the New Visions for lots of useful, practical information on feeding, oral-motor skills, and mealtimes.                           

Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D
Speech-Language Pathologist
Owner-Director of New Visions